Web Design Trends 2016: A Year in Review

web design trends 2016 year review: 2016 was the year of Responsive & UX designs…….

Responsive websites got more demand and expectation by users. Users are not suppose to use websites if it is non-responsive or not have a good navigation. Users prefer web designs that easy to use and good in navigation. All creative designs will change after time but responsive feature will be here. Here are some other outstanding trends in 2016

hamburger menu

Hamburger Menu

The three horizontal lines opens a simple way of navigation by clearing a clutter. By hiding a site’s navigation user gets a great visual presentation of website by hiding the menus. User doesn’t see the extent of website. Hamburger menu simply de-cluttering navigation. It was a great discussion for small screen devices. Now its cleared..!! This may make a negative impact on users that it hides the navigation.




Long Scrolling changes the UX design. Social media and websites adapted this feature, so that they can display large amount of information, especially social medias are updating information continuously.  Endless Scrolling is an important feature in 2016, because of high rise in usage of mobile phones for browsing internet. Automatically loading information helps users, they need not click on “Read more”. Endless scrolling widely using in social medias like facebook, twitter and tumblr.



hero images

Hero Images

Hero image is a larger high quality header image placed in website taking up large portion of the entire site. The image should be a positive identity of the brand and usually above top fold. Some designers using the space by showing slideshow, video or moving animation and to add call to action button or a search bar.





Bold typography became important trend in 2016. Through Simple backgrounds,lots of white space and their choice of font made their brand personality. Designers have experimented extreme large sized fonts. Simple fonts in high quality images could be the outstanding trend in 2016 by filling the screen.




Its Duotones is just an act of breaking an image into two colors. Actually, this trend originated in printing industry. The image should be contrasting and so that it should be clear. Duotones are popular and have a visual impact and remains un-cluttered. So that it become widespread favorite in 2016.



Next year we can expect an year of great designs and features with great animations and videos…!!