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Technology has made human life easy, and no one can deny that. Be it a small business or an established conglomerate, every organization is leveraging technology to thrive. Essential software products, for instance, have made complex business operations seamless. But every business needs custom software for their different operations or perhaps one application that can handle all their requirements.

There are numerous software that are essential for the smooth functioning of a business. Inventory management software is significant for product-based organizations. Customer relationship management or a CRM application is a must for all brands and businesses. Then comes various software to handle the office workflow tasks. All in all, a business is always in a need of a customized software. And if you are looking for a software too, Hexwhale – an immensely experienced customized software development company in Calicut, has got your back.

We Provide Top-Notch Customized Software Development Service in Calicut

All our software solutions boast superior functionalities that are sure to help you ease your work. The bespoke software solutions that we provide automate organization wide-processes and help businesses transact with customers, vendors, or inter-departments. Here are different customized business software that we provide.

Here are different customized business software that we provide.

ERP/MIS: ERP/MIS: It is with the help of Enterprise Resource Planning software that a business can manage its day-to-day operations such as procurement of materials, accounting, project management, etc. Being a reliable ERP software developer in Calicut, we understand the significance of ERP and MIS solutions. Thus, we build a robust, foolproof, and flawless ERP solution that helps you operate hassle-free. Improve the efficiency of your organization’s workflow with a tailor-made ERP solution from Hexwhale.

Accounting Software: Accounting Software: A customized accounting software can lend a helping hand in managing your accounts and financials. With all the financial data in one place, it is easy to analyze the financial status of the organization. We know how important financial data is for a business, thus, our custom accounting software is made with data safety in mind. There is no threat to your financial data and it is not vulnerable to any breach. We have an experienced team of custom business software developers in Calicut which keeps all risks at bay with their robust development. Keep a check on the financial health of your company with a comprehensive accounting software made especially for your business.

Inventory Management Software: Inventory Management Software: Whether you own a wholesale business, food truck, restaurant, salon, or hypermarket, we have an inventory management solution for all types of businesses irrespective of their nature and size. Make key inventory decisions with the help of just one software that has been customized with your business in mind. Forecast smartly your sales and manage your inventory accordingly. Get advanced reporting features and useful insights on your stock. Low stock alert, vendor communication, and much more, all with a bespoke inventory management software for your business.

Human Resource Software: Give a sigh of relief to your human resource department with a customized human resource software. We offer a holistic software for human resource management that entails all the necessary features to manage the people of your organization smoothly. Hiring, onboarding process, payroll, attendance, leave, assets request, timesheet, daily work report are all the important features that come with the human resource software. Our human resource software developers in Calicut always keep your requirement at the back of their minds to deliver the desired output. Get a top-notch human resource application for your organization today.

Customer Relation Software: What kind of organization wouldn’t want a loyal and repeated customer base? Good relations with the new customers make them come to you again. And what could be a better tool to maintain relations with customers other than a full-fledged customized customer relation software. Contact management to store the contact details of your customers, proposal management, lead management, email integration, sale pipeline management, are some of the features that we offer in the customer relationship management software. The features can surely be modified, added, or reduced based on the demands and requirements of the clients. Have a strong network with your customers through a comprehensive CRM software for your business.

Apart from the aforementioned, we provide an array of different custom software and tools. Get a software for your business built with Hexwhale – one of the leading customized software developers in Calicut.

Looking for a Trusted Team of Software Developers? Here’s Why You Should Choose Hexwhale

Developing a software requires serious commitment and experience, the characteristics that are hard to find everywhere. At Hexwhale, we have in our portfolio bucket various software and tools that have helped businesses in their daily operations. If a customized business software developing company is what you are looking for, Hexwhale is what you should choose, and here’s you should do that.


At Hexwhale, we have successfully delivered a large range of complex software to organizations across industries. Further, we have immensely experienced developers to build and deploy software of any nature and size. Our experience is what makes us a reliable and trusted software development agency in Calicut.


There is no one strict fee that you have to pay for the software that we develop. We offer cost-effective and economical software that doesn’t drill a hole in your pocket. We charge based on your requirement and the functionalities that you need. On the whole, get a customized software for your business at a budget-friendly price.


All our software development efforts are result-oriented. As we develop a solution, we keep your objective in mind, thus, ensuring that the final output meets your requirement.

Continuous Support

Our responsibilities don’t end once we deliver the software. Rather, we extend continuous maintenance, learning, and management of the software to make sure you have an amazing experience of using it. The team stays in constant touch to troubleshoot any issues that you face. Our post-delivery assistance is what makes us a trusted software developer in Calicut.

On-Time Delivery

Time and deadline – Undoubtedly, they have a significant role to play in every walk of life, with software development being no exception. We strictly adhere to the delivery commitment we make and ensure that we deliver on time. We respect the time and urgency of the clients and make certain that the software is deployed in the organization on a pre-decided time.

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