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Digital marketing is on the boom, and it is here to stay for a long, long time. Businesses and brands are already spending a fortune to ace the digital game and outrank their competitors. Be it branding, sales, business growth, or communication, digital marketing portals and tools are of great help to businesses. However, businesses have the digital marketing moolah but perhaps not the right experience to run their digital show. And that’s where we, the digital marketing agencies and companies, come into play.

Hexwhale is a prominent and trusted digital agency operating from Calicut. With our plethora of digital marketing services, we have helped local, national, and international brands achieve their objectives. Right from decoding the brief, understanding the objective to making a strategy, executing it, and optimizing it as needed, we shoulder the responsibility of everything

Our team includes creative minds, number crunchers, digital ad connoisseurs, strategists, media planners, client service personnel, and trendsetters. All of them together ensure that the brands have an impeccable digital presence. There are oodles of services that fall under digital marketing. And provide them all. So, if you are searching for a creative digital marketing company in Calicut, which provides all the essential services, you are at the right place.

Here are all the digital marketing services that we provide to the brands.

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing: It’s all happening on social media platforms, and you don’t want your brand to miss them. As an experienced social media company in Calicut, we start with an audit of your social media presence. Based on the same, we go ahead with an action plan that entails strategy building, setting a tone for the communication, look & feel, etc.

We develop unique content buckets based on your brand and populate your social media with appealing creatives. Being one of the responsible social media companies in Calicut, we also shoulder the responsibility of page/profile maintenance, its management, etc. With the help of numerous social media tools, we undertake necessary operations and optimisation that further strengthen your social media presence
Want to be in the limelight on social media platforms? Then let us help you. We’re Hexwhale – a trusted social media marketing company based in Calicut.

Search Engine Optimization: Today, it is essential for a brand and business to be where the customers are looking for it. One such touchpoint is search engines viz. Google, Bing, Ask, etc. Owing to cutthroat competition, it is quite a challenge to rank on the first pages of these search engines let alone reach and maintain the first position. But that’s where we come in as one of the reliable SEO companies in Calicut. SEO audit, keyword research, content development, populating the website with unique content, undertaking various activities under ON-Page SEO and OFF-Page SEO are some of the services that we provide under this head. With continuous maintenance and management of your SEO, we make sure that you rank at the top of these search engines.
Being a trusted SEO agency in Calicut, we play fair. We do not involve in any black hat SEO practice, thus keeping your web presence and website safe, and away from any strikes. Our experienced SEO team further ensures that your website has all the necessary and required data that helps you rank higher.

Be visible on search engines. Leverage the SEO services of Hexwhale – a reputed SEO company in Calicut.

Digital Advertising / PPC Marketing and SEM: Along with going organic, it is equally important for the brand to set aside a budget for advertisements. Digital advertising can be done on social media, native websites, and search engines. But brands must be well-versed with the technicalities of running ads on the platforms. Because if they are not, chances are they may end up spending a fortune without any ROI. But fret not! Hexwhale – an experienced paid marketing company from Calicut is here to lend a helping hand.
Budget planning and allocation, deciding ad platforms, keyword research, creating ad copies, optimization of ads, lead generation, sales & conversions, and ad optimization are all the things that we can execute flawlessly. We keep gut feeling and instincts away while running ads. All our actions are based on numbers and insights, perhaps that’s what makes us an experience paid marketing company.
Whether you have ‘branding’ as your objective, sales, generating traffic on your website, or increasing footfall at your offline store, we can undertake it all. Let Hexwhale – an experienced digital paid marketing company help you reach your vision.

Content Marketing: This holds true to date. We are experts in creating different content for your brand for different mediums and channels. Blogs, articles, PDFs, creatives, PPTs, banners, posters, we do them all. Our content marketing is not just limited to creating content. We also are the experts in distributing the content so that it reaches more and more people. Let Hexwhale – a reliable digital marketing company in Calicut – help you have an amazing content marketing strategy.

Video Marketing: Videos are in trend. Brands and businesses around the globe are making use of motion videos to communicate their message to their audience. Different video formats and sizes are being leveraged by the organization to entertain, inform, and sell to their target audience. If you are looking for a video marketing agency or want professional video developers in Calicut, we are at your service. Introductory videos, animated videos, logo animations, explanatory videos, Instagram Reels, product videos, we have an experience of all the video formats. Reach your audience through a video. Hire Hexwhale – a professional video-making company in Calicut.

Email Marketing: Email Marketing: A notion prevails that email marketing is dead. But it’s nothing but a myth. Email marketing has never been so effective and impactful. But it’s all about the right email marketing strategy. At Hexwhale – a reliable email marketing and digital agency in Calicut, we understand the significance of emails and thus, have them as a vital service in our bucket. Developing email funnels, designing emailers, writing compelling email copies, and leveraging industry-standard tools to schedule the emails are some of the parts of our email marketing service that we offer. Be it mere communication or generating leads or sales, email marketing is an essential tool that you don’t want to overlook. It is with the help of emails that you always stay on top of the minds of your audience. Stay connected with your audience with the email marketing service by Hexwhale.

Online Reputation Management (ORM): Bad word-of-mouth on digital platforms is lethal for brands. Thus, it is essential to keep an eye on all the conversations and comments that have your brand in them. We are experienced online reputation managers who have the required tools for listening and managing brand reputation online. We take appropriate action when there is an unfavorable discussion about the brand. Safeguard your brand in the digital space with our Online Reputation Management service.

Other Digital Marketing Services: As a full-fledged digital marketing agency in Calicut, we have a broad range of digital services in our bucket. Other than the aforementioned, other digital marketing services that we offer are bulk SMS, bulk WhatsApp SMS, digital branding, digital banners, website audit, Google Business setup & management, etc.

Shine in the Digital Space with Hexwhale – The Best and Trusted Digital Marketing Company in Calicut

At Hexwhale, we offer 360° digital marketing services that are sure to help you stand out in the digital space. We have an immensely experienced digital marketing team that boasts a creative thought process to tackle your challenges. Backing this team are the various tools that are indispensable to thrive in the digital marketing game.

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