Hexwhale Tribe- A coworking Space in Bangalore

Wanna know why you need a comfortable working space? The answer is simple.

A company or your own tribe – share the space with us.

Imagine a place of like-minded, energetic and a creative bunch of people in an informal, comfy and uncluttered workspace.

Isn’t that what anyone would need in their workplace?


Co-working space originated from the adrenaline rush to explore and work towards a goal with passion. We, a bunch of creative and curious minds at Hexwhale have been working towards that goal of yours.


Hexwhale tribe– Co-working space


Hexwhale tribe, a co-working space is open for budding business minds and start-ups. The hex whale family firmly believes that for any business to flourish and mark their presence, to network or socializing with people from different spectrums is crucial. Thus an office space that’s affordable and outfitted with fast wifi connection is something that forces individual’s consideration to co-work.


The workspace is situated at the serenity of Kalyan Nagar, from the hustle-bustle of the city. So, going to work often feels like a break from the busy and boisterous life. The hexwhale tribe is keen to help you build your dream. We know that the venture is hard for a starter, but we ensure to provide an affordable sharing space, a comfy environment for those who approach us with their quirky business ideas. Besides, we carry out a screening process to pick the like-minded, energetic and compatible bunch for this opportunity. How about an unfading cup of fresh ground espresso as well? That’s a plus.


What’s the catch?

The catch being in a co-working space is, you should work with collaborators, not with subordinates or supervisors. Lashing out the hierarchy and bringing in an ally makes them comfortable and feel attached to your tribe.

Likewise, statistics at Harvard proves that a co-working space has more productive approach towards rivalry and the general work they do. Since they manage diverse individual every day, they clarify their work in detail occasionally which gives them a sense of fulfillment and add value to whatever talk occurs in the workplace