Do Domain Name Still Needs “www” in Website Address ?

Do Domain Names Still Needs “www” in Website Address ? The answer is sometimes “Yes”, and sometimes “No”

A better answer is “No” It can depend on the Website. If your website is configured with very old setup, you must need to type “www” first. If not you can get where you want to go when you type domain name alone.

When we visit a website using web browser, usually we type basic part of the url and get into the website without any problems. But now we reached new aspects that we can reach the same without entering www. Have you heard about “DOMAIN MAPPING” ? It is the process of making website address. When you type the url in browser address bar connect to the appropriate IP address on server and then displays the website. www stands for “world wide web”.

The internet has grown and no longer we need to type www to get into website. In most cases, www became unnecessary and outmoded. In the same way, we need not to inform people to type http:// in front of urls. Most sites will automatically redirects whether you type www or not. Company owners are promoting their websites including www, the fact is you are referring to a website is implied by .com, .in, .org, .edu, such suffix.

Except you want to differentiate between your sub domains (like is an offshoot domain of for balancing server loads or managing internet traffic, it absolutely shorten saying and typing domain name. You want to be sure that your website will work for both with and without www.