What Is App Store Optimization And Why It Is Important?

December 9, 2021 #technology

Getting your app discovered is one of the biggest challenges faced by mobile app publishers as there are more than 6 million apps in the major app stores. This is where the importance of app store optimization lies. Optimizing your app store will help your app to rank higher in the search results, let’s understand more about the ASO and how you can make the most out of it.

What is App Store Optimization?

The more your app will show up in the search results, the higher the chance for your app to be visible to your potential customers. App store optimization is the process of optimizing the mobile apps to rank higher in the search results of the mobile app stores.

In order to perform the app store optimization, you must know your potential customer well. You will have to know the keywords they will most probably use and include them in the app description.

Why ASO Is So Important?

There are many publishers who ignore the app store optimization and don’t invest in it and they never realize why their app is not getting enough views or downloads. The fact is that over 40% of the apps are discovered and downloaded through app store searches and there are tonnes of publishers striving to rank higher over the other.

To rank your app higher in the app store, improve your ASO on a regular basis.

These are the major factors, which will have an impact on where your app will rank:

Your App Name

Your app name should include the main keyword that has the maximum search traffic. Research and find that keyword. Remember, don’t change your app’s name from time to time as it will be difficult for your existing users to find your app.

The Keywords

Make sure that the keywords you use are relevant and used most often by your target audience. Research on the keywords used by your competitors.

The App Description

The app description will provide the users with the essential information they want to know about your app. The app store’s ranking algorithm will look for keywords in the description. Try to incorporate your keywords naturally into the sentences.

The Ratings And Reviews

The feedbacks an app receive is a major part of the app store optimization. The positive ratings on your app will make your app more relevant to the app’s ranking algorithms. So you should ask users to rate your app 2 or 3 times a year. Just make sure that you are not irritating the users.

The app store optimization is a time-consuming process, in case you wish a professional to do it for you, just contact us, Hexwhale Interactive, as we have helped many clients to rank higher in the major app stores like google play and apple stores.