5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Amazon found that this is true by reporting increased revenue of 1% for 100 milliseconds.

From many studies it is found that

  • 47% of people expect a website to load less than 2 seconds
  • 40% of people abandon a website if it takes more than 2 seconds
  • 1 second delay in loading site results 7% of conversion decrease
  • 11% of decrease in page views
  • 16% of decrease in satisfaction of visitors.

Speed up your website is now critical. Here sharing you most important ways to speedup your website.


Minimum HTTP Requests

By reducing number of objects in your website or web pages, you can reduce the number of HTTP requests. Simplify your web page design and combining files are some ways for this.

Every time visitors visit your website and the corresponding files such as image files, CSS files and Javascript library to be send to the person’s browser.


Use a Great Caching Plugin

Caching is helpful to your return visitors. Caching contains storing parts of your site so they only need to load once. W3 total cache is a plugin published for wordpress. This is used by sites such as webdesignerdepot, wpbeginner, etc. WP super cache is the another great one.


Optimize Images

Oversize of images cause long time to load a web page. So you must keep the size of images used in web pages small as possible. Crop the images to a good small size. The slowness of the site speed creates a bad experience to your visitors.

  • Best image format is JPEG or PNG.
  • Mostly browsers support JPEG than PNG.
  • Gifs should be  used in small graphics.
  • Do not use BMPs or TIFFs in your site.
  • Avoid empty Src codes.

These all you should know before creating a website.


Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript 

It is very important to eliminate the extra spaces, indentation, line breaks in your code. Given below some google recommendations to minify the code.

Enable Compression

Compression reduces the bandwidth of the page. Large pages are bulky and slow to download. The easy and best way is to zip that file, and it is named as compression. Most web servers zip the files before download. According to Yahoo, time of download can be reduced to 70%. Read this article to know more about how to optimize your site with GZIP Compression.