Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

You already know that the best way to rank your site in the top position of google results is to build high quality backlinks. But how can you find sites that is relevant to you for your goal ? well, that is what am going to show you. Before that you need to know about “Backlinks” watch this video:

First of all, what does high quality means ? Google measure your site’s quality according to several factors like Domain age, Link authority, Natural link pattern, Exact-match anchor text. Now backlinks became the major advantage of SEO. So Follow and implement the following steps that can lead to a better seo result to you.

Step 1 : Social Networking

Why you need social media backlinks? According to Alexa, there are 20 social websites that have more visitors such as facebook, twitter, googleplus, pinterest etc.

These social bookmarking sites has high page ranking. This rank will follow your site also. Many of these sites allow your site to create links to your website. Headlines are very important and easy to bring public attention.

You should make it attractive as possible. Relevant description keeps the attention of visitors. First of all, create social media channel plan. Social medias are the important key to grow your audience. You can target potential customers by relevant content, images, links, etc.


social networking

Step 2 : Article Marketing

Article Marketing is the best and effective method to get quality backlinks to your blog. You must be aware of good quality websites that is relevant to you and do article marketing in relevant sites.

  • Search keywords and article ideas
  • Start writing quality and use full articles for your website
  • Include links in your article to your product and services
  • Include social sharing buttons in your article
  • Effective use of anchor text

You should submit your articles in reputable and quality article directories that have high authority in search engines. One thing you make sure that you are submitting in do-follow directories. Because search engines discount links from no-follow websites.

Step 3 : Press Release 

You will get high quality backlinks from many press release sites. They are supplying content to smaller sites which is easily picked up by news sites. You should make attractive title and content that target your potential customers.

You should make sure that you have a link into your website in the body of content. If you properly done, you will get quality backlinks.

Step 4 : Link Exchange

Link exchange is the process of exchanging links with other websites. You place another site’s link on your site and in return the other sites place a link on their site.

A link building campaign will increase your visitors. There are more reasons that why you should do link exchange.

You should consider the sites that has high traffic, they have a good archive of information which is related to your website, they are not competitor of your firm.



Step 5 : Document Sharing Sites

Another great way of backlink creation is document sharing sites.  It deals with submission of articles and e-books in document sharing sites thereby leaving backlink to your site.

It gives some high quality back link to your website. Many of document sharing sites are trusted by google. Most of document sharing are do-follow.

Step 6 : Commenting

Many people are confused that commenting is good for backlink building or not. But it is a good way of creating backlinks. No-follow links are not useful for building backlinks. But you should never make spam on other blogs. You can write valuable comments to other blogs.

A comment can create connection, backlinks and driven traffic. Dropmylink.com is an example of good free service that offers free service in building backlinks in minimum time focusing good web service. SEO Quake is a tool required to watch your blog’s progress and backlinks.

blog commenting

Step 7 : Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another effective way of building backlink to your website. Guest blogging should done in high quality and authority sites. You should select sites which are more trusted by google and avoid duplicate content.

Your article may stay in the home page of those high authority sites. If you could create a great article will get people link to it. That means more authority transfer to your website.

  • Determine your guest blogging goals
  • Find Guest blogging opportunities
  • Find best time of guest post
  • Submit relevant content
  • Track your result

5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Amazon found that this is true by reporting increased revenue of 1% for 100 milliseconds.

From many studies it is found that

  • 47% of people expect a website to load less than 2 seconds
  • 40% of people abandon a website if it takes more than 2 seconds
  • 1 second delay in loading site results 7% of conversion decrease
  • 11% of decrease in page views
  • 16% of decrease in satisfaction of visitors.

Speed up your website is now critical. Here sharing you most important ways to speedup your website.


Minimum HTTP Requests

By reducing number of objects in your website or web pages, you can reduce the number of HTTP requests. Simplify your web page design and combining files are some ways for this.

Every time visitors visit your website and the corresponding files such as image files, CSS files and Javascript library to be send to the person’s browser.


Use a Great Caching Plugin

Caching is helpful to your return visitors. Caching contains storing parts of your site so they only need to load once. W3 total cache is a plugin published for wordpress. This is used by sites such as webdesignerdepot, wpbeginner, etc. WP super cache is the another great one.


Optimize Images

Oversize of images cause long time to load a web page. So you must keep the size of images used in web pages small as possible. Crop the images to a good small size. The slowness of the site speed creates a bad experience to your visitors.

  • Best image format is JPEG or PNG.
  • Mostly browsers support JPEG than PNG.
  • Gifs should be  used in small graphics.
  • Do not use BMPs or TIFFs in your site.
  • Avoid empty Src codes.

These all you should know before creating a website.


Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript 

It is very important to eliminate the extra spaces, indentation, line breaks in your code. Given below some google recommendations to minify the code.

Enable Compression

Compression reduces the bandwidth of the page. Large pages are bulky and slow to download. The easy and best way is to zip that file, and it is named as compression. Most web servers zip the files before download. According to Yahoo, time of download can be reduced to 70%. Read this article to know more about how to optimize your site with GZIP Compression.


Social Media Calendar for Indian Holidays 2017

These occasions can be a great opportunity to brand your product or service to reach your audience. This Calendar will help you to plan for a year without any delay. Holidays are trending topics in social medias now. Companies relates their brand with special occasions to attract their customers and to make brand identity.

Recent surveys indicates that sharing festival designs and information makes customer follow your brand. Especially most of customers purchase products looking its brand identity.

Date Festivals & Observations
Jan 01

New Year

Jan 14 Makar Sankranti/ Pongal
Jan 26 Republic Day
Feb 24 Maha Shivaratri
Mar 13 Holi
Mar 28 Ugadi/ Gudi Padwa
Apr 05 Ram Navami
Apr 09 Mahavir Jayanti
Apr 14 Good Friday
Apr 16 Easter Day
May 01 Labor Day, May Day
May 14 Mother’s Day
Jun 18 Father’s Day
Jun 26 Eid-ul-Fitar
Aug 06 Friendship Day
Aug 07 Raksha Bandhan
Aug 14 Janmashtami
Aug 15 Independence Day
Sep 04 Onam
Sep 30 Dussehra/ Dasara
Oct  01 Muharram
Oct 02 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
Oct 19 Diwali/ Deepavali
Dec 01 Milad un Nabi
Dec 25 Christmas

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Do Domain Name Still Needs “www” in Website Address ?

Do Domain Names Still Needs “www” in Website Address ? The answer is sometimes “Yes”, and sometimes “No”

A better answer is “No” It can depend on the Website. If your website is configured with very old setup, you must need to type “www” first. If not you can get where you want to go when you type domain name alone.

When we visit a website using web browser, usually we type basic part of the url and get into the website without any problems. But now we reached new aspects that we can reach the same without entering www. Have you heard about “DOMAIN MAPPING” ? It is the process of making website address. When you type the url in browser address bar connect to the appropriate IP address on server and then displays the website. www stands for “world wide web”.

The internet has grown and no longer we need to type www to get into website. In most cases, www became unnecessary and outmoded. In the same way, we need not to inform people to type http:// in front of urls. Most sites will automatically redirects whether you type www or not. Company owners are promoting their websites including www, the fact is you are referring to a website is implied by .com, .in, .org, .edu, such suffix.

Except you want to differentiate between your sub domains (like blog.hexwhale.com is an offshoot domain of hexwhale.com) for balancing server loads or managing internet traffic, it absolutely shorten saying and typing domain name. You want to be sure that your website will work for both with and without www.


Web Design Trends 2016: A Year in Review

web design trends 2016 year review: 2016 was the year of Responsive & UX designs…….

Responsive websites got more demand and expectation by users. Users are not suppose to use websites if it is non-responsive or not have a good navigation. Users prefer web designs that easy to use and good in navigation. All creative designs will change after time but responsive feature will be here. Here are some other outstanding trends in 2016

hamburger menu

Hamburger Menu

The three horizontal lines opens a simple way of navigation by clearing a clutter. By hiding a site’s navigation user gets a great visual presentation of website by hiding the menus. User doesn’t see the extent of website. Hamburger menu simply de-cluttering navigation. It was a great discussion for small screen devices. Now its cleared..!! This may make a negative impact on users that it hides the navigation.




Long Scrolling changes the UX design. Social media and websites adapted this feature, so that they can display large amount of information, especially social medias are updating information continuously.  Endless Scrolling is an important feature in 2016, because of high rise in usage of mobile phones for browsing internet. Automatically loading information helps users, they need not click on “Read more”. Endless scrolling widely using in social medias like facebook, twitter and tumblr.



hero images

Hero Images

Hero image is a larger high quality header image placed in website taking up large portion of the entire site. The image should be a positive identity of the brand and usually above top fold. Some designers using the space by showing slideshow, video or moving animation and to add call to action button or a search bar.





Bold typography became important trend in 2016. Through Simple backgrounds,lots of white space and their choice of font made their brand personality. Designers have experimented extreme large sized fonts. Simple fonts in high quality images could be the outstanding trend in 2016 by filling the screen.




Its Duotones is just an act of breaking an image into two colors. Actually, this trend originated in printing industry. The image should be contrasting and so that it should be clear. Duotones are popular and have a visual impact and remains un-cluttered. So that it become widespread favorite in 2016.



Next year we can expect an year of great designs and features with great animations and videos…!!